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Ankie Wong

Grace Ng

Gra·cious [grey-shuh-s]:  

The root name of gracious is Ankie's & Grace's name.

Be·gin·nings [bih-gin-ings]: 

The point of something being created; the start of something new. 

Ankie and Grace are like cream and sugar: individually great in coffee; 

but when put together, an unbeatable pair!  

Based in Toronto; Gracious Beginnings aims to help clients 

create memorable one-of-a-kind events!


The packages they offer for Wedding Planning include:  

Day-of, Partial, Full and Destination.

Gracious Beginnings also offers Customizable Event Planning Packages

that can be used for all other types of Events including:  Milestone Celebrations,

Shows, Conferences, Meetings and more! 


With years of experience managing weddings & events of all types; this duo is here 

to help you bring your most spectacular visions to life, so you and your guests

can have a truly amazing experience.


"Ankie officially began planning weddings in 2013. Her life from an early age was filled with moments of coordinating parties, fulfilling schedules for her line of work, to managing sports tournaments. It wasn't until her early twenties that she had her first opportunity to plan a wedding and she quickly realized that she had a gift and passion for event planning. What started off as a hobby, led her to pursuits of creating Gracious Beginnings with business partner, Grace. After managing several weddings through the years, Ankie has also worked in different areas of event planning. Her experience in event planning ranges from conferences and worldview debates; to milestone events such as anniversaries, showers, and birthdays. With her love for event planning and organization, Ankie excitedly looks forward to being apart of your special occasion!"

"In Grace's formative years, she pursued a career in fashion. Her ambitions led her to work as an Events Assistant with a wedding planning company and soon confirmed her love for details and decorating. With a background in fashion shows and assistant with weddings; Grace's passion for event planning grew, which led her to graduating in 2013 with Honours from the Special Events Planning program at George Brown College. Having worked at top rated venues and catering companies in Toronto as an Events, Sales, and Catering Manager; Grace has over 10 years of experience in weddings and events. Her experience ranges from theatre production and fashion shows; to charity events, weddings and other celebrations. With her goals, dreams and career in sight, Grace eagerly pursues Gracious Beginnings with business partner, Ankie."

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